A downloadable game

HI, this is a small funny adventure game to discover differents worlds and creatures. cell shading graphics and a day and night system. 

the music can be chosen from the f1 to f8 button and movements with zqsd. it still a beta game as a result dont forget to comment my game :)


LOWPOLY Game.rar (42 MB)


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Pretty nice beginning!

But the sword animation is kind of strange, it feels like it never hits.

the controls are catastrophic, sorry. z and q for movements? You should stick with the wasd keys. That's what made me quit after 5 minutes already.

Did you make the graphics yourself? Looks nicely cartoonish ^^

thanks a lot KingDanius :D I did everything exept anythings like trees or monsters. controls are zqsd because i'm french; however you're right i'll create an option to change them. Thank you for your comment which help me to  continue :)

im rather happy that someone cares about the zqsd but you can use them both at the sametime without interupting each other im looking forward to play this game !

Thank you :D, it is difficult to make a  game alone however i will do my best